General questions

What is OnCampus Estudia?

It is a specific insurance for students in Spanish universities (whether Spanish or foreign ones) that covers those risks that the students might be exposed to during the academic activity in Spain, as well as during their study trips worldwide.

Who can take out the insurance?

This insurance can be taken out by:

  • Students in Spanish universities that make stays abroad for academic reasons related to their home university.
  • Foreign students performing academic stays in a Spanish university.
  • Spanish university students who don’t have access to School Insurance to cover their studies in Spain.

What kind of stays does this insurance cover?

This insurance only covers stays for academic reasons related to Spanish universities such as Erasmus Programmes, training courses, ,international exchanges, etc.

How do I get it?

The insurance can be directly taken out through the web in the OnCampus Estudia section

Some universities take out the insurance for a part of their students. If this is the case, it is not necessary for the student to fill in the registration through our web. Please consult your university in case of doubt.

Are the guarantees and limits set out in the OnCampus insurance considered as sufficient ones?

OnCampus Estudia has a very high capital with regard to the guarantee of Medical Expenses Abroad (100,000 euros), and also includes repatriation of deceased, sick or injured persons, as well as Private Third Party Liability up to 100,000 euros, that are the basic guarantees required in the management of most of visa.

Questions about registration

What should I indicate as home country?

Your home country is the one that your usual residence place belongs to, from which you make your travel abroad.

What dates should I indicate?

The dates when you take out the insurance must match your academic period, taking into account the return flights to your home country, providing that the mentioned flights take place with a reasonable period of time.

What payment methods can I use?

Upon completion of your registration, you are offered several possible payment methods. The option of payment by credit card is always available and, depending on the university, there is the possibility of making the payment by deposit or banking transfer.

What documentation should I receive when taking out the insurance?

You have to receive the whole documentation by email. Insurance certificate, general terms and conditions and receipt. During your registration you will be given a user key to have access to your insurance contract.

Should I return the documentation to validate my insurance?

The OnCampus insurance, once issued and paid is completely valid. In case you have made the payment by deposit/banking transfer, you shall forward us the proof of transfer so that we can verify the payment and validate the insurance.

Questions about the use of the insurance

What does the OnCampus insurance Estudia serve for?

OnCampus Estudia provides you with all the necessary protection during your travels abroad, accidents, medical care, repatriation, etc. and in the case of students who do not travel and pursue their studies in Spain, it provides a wide accident coverage during the academic activity.

How do I use the insurance if necessary?

To enforce any of the guarantees of the insurance policy, you must contact the insurance company. In the insurance certificate you can find the 24-hour helpline the insurance company, that is to be the main way of communication with them. Likewise, in the general terms and conditions that you will receive by email, you can find a section where the procedure to be followed in all cases is clearly detailed, therefore we recommend you checking it before starting your travel.

What should I do if I need medical care?

When the insured need medical care, he/she must phone the 24-hour assistance helpline shown on the insurance certificate. The insurance company will open a dossier and confirm you if the assistance you need is covered by the insurance policy or not. If so, they will inform you which is the associated healthcare Centre you can go to . The insurance company itself will contact the healthcare centre so as to manage the appointment and forward the authorization for invoicing the expenses as they shall be in charge of the mentioned expenses whenever possible.

In case of utmost urgency when it is not possible to contact the insurance company, the insured shall go to any medical centre and manage later but as soon as possible, the dossier with the insurance company by using the above mentioned assistance helpline or through the web of the company.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to call previously the insurance company so that they can open a dossier even though you know the medical centre where to go to, as the company could refuse the reimbursement of any invoice that is not previously authorized by them. The insurance company does not provide any list of associated medical centres, you shall be informed about the medical centre you can go to when you call to ask for medical care.

What does it happen if in my destination place there is no associated medical centre?

If when you call the insurance company, the latter inform you that there is no associated medical centre near your residence, you can propose to the insurance company some medical centre you know so that they can contact it and negotiate the assistance authorization. If the centre in question does not accept the payment guarantee, you will take over of the issued invoices and forward them. as soon as possible, to the insurance company for being reimbursed, according to the instructions they give you at the moment of the dossier opening.

I needed urgent medical care and I couldn’t call the insurance company before. What shall I do now?

You should call the insurance company, as soon as possible, to inform them about the event and so, they could open a dossier, check the medical reports concerning your medical care and inform you about if the medical care you needed is covered by your insurance policy . If so and if all is OK, they will proceed to reimburse you against the accurate information. They will inform you about the procedure and the necessary documents and information you are obliged to submit them.

Does this insurance policy cover costs of dental care?

Dental care are covered but up to the limit mentioned under the policy guarantees. The only dental expenses covered by the insurance policy are those requiring urgent treatment but excluding endodontic treatment, aesthetic reconstructive procedures regarding previous treatments, prostheses, implants, bridges, fillings.

Does this insurance policy cover pharmaceutical costs?

The insurance policy covers medication prescribed by a doctor or surgeon, during the first medical attention provided by them. It is excluded the subsequent payment of those medications or pharmaceutical costs arising from the extension of the initially prescribed treatment through time as well as those costs related to any process turning into a chronic condition. Pharmaceutical costs are always managed on reimbursement. The insurance company will provide you with the suitable instructions to make it effective.

Does this insurance policy cover any medical costs?

The insurance policy has some exclusions set forth that are detailed in the general terms and conditions. It is advisable to read them so as to be aware of those cases that are not covered by the insurance policy.

The following cases, including but not limited to, may serve as an example of what the insurance policy does not cover:

  • Treatment of chronic or pre-existing diseases (previous to the date of coming into force of the coverage)
  • Voluntary or foreseeable medical costs such as, for instance, a general preventive review or a review required by a chronical disease.
  • Doing competitive sports
  • Doing winter sports and high-risk activities such as martial arts, competitive diving board or Scuba diving.
  • Aesthetic surgery, homeopathy, HIV, pregnancy and childbirth
  • Costs of spectacles, lenses, prostheses, ostheosynthesis, anatomical and orthopaedic components.

Solving problems

When I proceed with my online registration I can not move onto the next step, the page gets “hungup”

If on the display appears a waiting circle and don’t let you go on the next step:

  • Use another web browser
  • If it is still not working, please use another computer or another internet connection

When I proceed with the payment by credit card, it appears a message saying that my credit card is not a valid one

This error message can be due to different reasons:

  • Authentication failed: you are not entering correctly the code provided by your bank.
  • Validation error: the data of the credit card entered are not correct.
  • Your credit card is not valid for this payment.

Contact the bank where you have the account associated to your card, they could inform you and give you a solution.

The system does not let me enter the dates of my travel

On some occasions there may be restrictions of dates due to contractual reasons, therefore the system will show a message saying if there is some problem regarding the date you want enter. In case it appears a non-coherent message, perhaps it is a computing error, if so, please contact OnCampus.

I have proceeded with my registration but I have not received the certificate in my Email

Firstly, you must check your bulk/spam folder.

Access to the website Clients Area and enter your password. Here you can find the documentation of your insurance

In case you have not received the password, please send an email to by stating your full name and the university you belong to.

I have received the certificate but it is incorrect

If your certificate has some error, please send an email to and explain which is the mistake/error so as to forward you the correct document.