What should I do if I need medical care?

When the insured need medical care, he/she must phone the 24-hour assistance helpline shown on the insurance certificate. The insurance company will open a dossier and confirm you if the assistance you need is covered by the insurance policy or not. If so, they will inform you which is the associated healthcare Centre you can go to . The insurance company itself will contact the healthcare centre so as to manage the appointment and forward the authorization for invoicing the expenses as they shall be in charge of the mentioned expenses whenever possible.

In case of utmost urgency when it is not possible to contact the insurance company, the insured shall go to any medical centre and manage later but as soon as possible, the dossier with the insurance company by using the above mentioned assistance helpline or through the web of the company.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to call previously the insurance company so that they can open a dossier even though you know the medical centre where to go to, as the company could refuse the reimbursement of any invoice that is not previously authorized by them. The insurance company does not provide any list of associated medical centres, you shall be informed about the medical centre you can go to when you call to ask for medical care.