Does this insurance policy cover any medical costs?

The insurance policy has some exclusions set forth that are detailed in the general terms and conditions. It is advisable to read them so as to be aware of those cases that are not covered by the insurance policy.

The following cases, including but not limited to, may serve as an example of what the insurance policy does not cover:

  • Treatment of chronic or pre-existing diseases (previous to the date of coming into force of the coverage)
  • Voluntary or foreseeable medical costs such as, for instance, a general preventive review or a review required by a chronical disease.
  • Doing competitive sports
  • Doing winter sports and high-risk activities such as martial arts, competitive diving board or Scuba diving.
  • Aesthetic surgery, homeopathy, HIV, pregnancy and childbirth
  • Costs of spectacles, lenses, prostheses, ostheosynthesis, anatomical and orthopaedic components.